Firefighter Fitness
Feel The Burn
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Ever wonder how firefighters stay in such great shape? Firefighter Fitness is a total body workout program designed, taught, and used by real firemen to help you torch calories and extinguish fat! The founders and trainers of the program are Alex Hofstadter and Nathan Bailey. They have more than a decade of personal training experience between them and both have NCCA accredited certifications. In addition to fighting fires alongside Atlanta's finest, these men serve as Peer Fitness Trainers to other Atlanta firemen.

With a passion for bringing about positive changes in the health and wellness of others, Alex and Nathan are dedicated to serving their community both as firefighters and as fitness trainers with their unique boot-camp style program. Using equipment typical of a fire rescue mission and workouts designed to strengthen the muscles and build firefighter-like endurance, this program is guaranteed to set your workout on FIRE! The program includes various class times and levels of intensity, so no matter your schedule or level of fitness, you can find the class that's right for you!

Firefighter Fitness invites you to come FEEL THE BURN!

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